Father’s Day Gift Guide

fathers day

1.) A watch // $14.99!! // 2.) Flip Wallet // $45.00 // 3.) Razor Set // $49.98 // 4.) Whiskey Decanter // $44.99 // 5.) Magellan Sunglasses // $24.99 // 6.) Adjust-A-Gril // $49.99 // 7.) Buck Knife // $24.99 // 8.) Grill Set // $49.99 // 9.) Tool Box // $29.42 // 10.) Daughter – Dad frame // $22.95



Hi Y’all! <3

I would love to share some things on what to get that awesome dude in your life – your Daddy. I know someone will vouch for me when I say my father is one of the most important people in my life. He’s taught me so much from fishing to standing my ground and taking up for myself. Honestly, I couldn’t never imagine a life without my father and I will cherish every moment we have together.

Anyways, there’s so many different things I could get my dad; fishing equipment, hunting equipment, maybe even some camo. But, I’m gonna try to be a little more meaningful and under $50!!



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