Tell us about you.

Hi friends! My name is Brigite Monroe. I’m from a little farm town in Kentucky where everyone knows everyone and they obsess over high school football and sweet tea. After graduating high school I went to college for accounting and business and one semester in, I moved 1,000 miles away to Louisiana with my boyfriend who was my high school sweetheart and is now my wonderful fiancé. A while there we adopted a gorgeous Weimaraner, Riley, who is almost three years old.

I have a strong found love for the color pink, every type of flower ever, and releasing my creative side though photography, painting or writing!

What’s your blog about?

This is a blog about a lot of different things. It ranges to the exact shoes I’m wearing to one of my favorite bible verses. But all in all, this is a blog about my fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Why/When did you start a blog?

I really wanted to start a blog years ago! So one day I finally took the leap and started this baby. I love all things fashion & beauty and I love to show and help people with everyday or even major things in life, and that’s where it began. Between class work and caring for my fiancé and pup, blogging was a great way to pass the time and I couldn’t love it more!

Beautiful Blest Mess was an official site in late 2016. I am fairly new at all this and learn everyday. I want to be an original, not like any other blog! I wanted to be a blogger who is a southern belle with a touch of the city life, all the while of being a mentor and a friend.



That’s all for now!

So, grab a cup of whatever feels right and hide away for a bit.



P.S — I post everday on instagram, you should go check it out!

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